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Phone Booth
makeascenerentals 24" x 24" x 78"
makeascenerentals Realistic American phone booth with real phone
makeascenerentals Release your inner Superman!
Rental: $ 110.00
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Street signs and lights - assorted
makeascenerentals Assorted urban city signs and lights
makeascenerentals Ask for pricing
Rental: $ Price varies
Fencing - chain link
makeascenerentals 6' x 6' chain link fence section
makeascenerentals Slightly rusty in spots, very urban
makeascenerentals NOT free-standing, ask about base and poles for support
Rental: $ 100.00
Trash can - graffiti
makeascenerentals Aluminum trash can
makeascenerentals Dented and painted, a real urban look
makeascenerentals 31 gallon, 27" tall x 21" diameter
Rental: $ 25.00
Silhouette - disco dancer
makeascenerentals 8' tall, free standing 2D disco dancer silhouette
makeascenerentals Choose from three different dancers or select all three! (price shown is PER silhouette)
makeascenerentals Black iridescent glitter looks great with uplighting, too
Rental: $ 50.00
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Column - crystal
makeascenerentals 18" diameter x 9' long
makeascenerentals Stunning piece to add bling to your event
makeascenerentals Acrylic crystals
Rental: $ 100.00
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Mr. Potato Head
makeascenerentals It's your childhood favorite but 5' tall!
makeascenerentals Magnet face pieces are fun to change and combine
makeascenerentals Mrs. Potato Head also availble
Rental: $ 125.00
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Alley decor
makeascenerentals Assorted crates, barrels, garbage cans, prohibition bottles and smuggled Tommy guns make for a great alley scene at your next Speakeasy event
makeascenerentals Click "additional images" below for more ideas
Rental: $ Price varies
click here for more views of this item
Standee - art deco
makeascenerentals 4' wide x 8' tall art deco pieces
makeascenerentals Great for photo backdrop or entrance at your roaring 20s party
makeascenerentals Free - standing, price is per piece (2 available)
Rental: $ 150.00
Door - vintage
makeascenerentals Assorted vintage doors
makeascenerentals Free-standing, decor only (not on hinge for swinging)
Rental: $ 30.00
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