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Silhouette - 3 Piece Band
makeascenerentals Approximately 45" tall x 72" wide
makeascenerentals Two dimensional silhouette of big band trio
makeascenerentals Black with black glitter
Rental: $ 55.00
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Tree - Silver Metal
makeascenerentals 8' tall x approximately 6' wide
makeascenerentals Silver metal frame, great on its own or dressed in a variety of decor
makeascenerentals Shown here decorated with glitter and crystal drop ornaments (and black boa in additional photos)
Rental: $ 75.00
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Guitar - Giant Stand-up
makeascenerentals Nine different styles and colors - Click below to see all options
makeascenerentals Range in height from 8' to 10' tall
makeascenerentals Price is per guitar
Rental: $ 80.00
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Barrel - large
makeascenerentals Authentic oak wine barrel
makeascenerentals 36" length x 24" diameter at end
makeascenerentals Great for wine or western theme, excellent "cocktail" table when stood on end
Rental: $ 45.00
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Giant Flame
makeascenerentals Realistic faux flame is 3' wide and over 3' tall, looks just like a real flame
makeascenerentals Runs on standard, grounded outlet
makeascenerentals See video of flame at
Rental: $ 75.00
click here for more views of this item
makeascenerentals 5' tall x 4' wide
makeascenerentals Lightweight fiberglass over styrofoam, durable yet easy to maneuver
Rental: $ 20.00
Gold Nuggets
makeascenerentals Assorted sized gold nuggets, straight from the mine shaft
makeascenerentals Rental price is for 1 gallon bucket of nuggets
makeascenerentals Looks great with mining pan (rented separately)
Rental: $ 5.00
Gold Bar
makeascenerentals Faux gold bars will make you look like you've struck it rich!
makeascenerentals 5" x 2.5" x 1" with "24" stamp on top
Rental: $ 2.00
Fire Hydrant
makeascenerentals Life-size yet lightweight fire hydrant looks so real
makeascenerentals Custom painted over paper mache and wood
Rental: $ 25.00
makeascenerentals Just what your sci-fi party needs!
makeascenerentals Approximately 24" tall
Rental: $ 14.00
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