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Turntable/Lazy Susan
makeascenerentals Polished light wood
makeascenerentals 30" diameter
makeascenerentals Great for family-style meals at large table
Rental: $ 32.00
Centerpiece - hiking
makeascenerentals Camp lantern and climbing rope with carabiners makes a great centerpiece for your outdoors-y event
Rental: $ 12.00
Centerpiece - Tribal
makeascenerentals 10" square wooden base arranged with grass, river rock, tribal mask and assorted reeds
makeascenerentals Wooden bases in assortment of black and brown. Masks assorted colors and styles
makeascenerentals Price is each. Please allow 7 day lead time (grass is fresh, made to order)
Rental: $ 30.00
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Twig Centerpiece
makeascenerentals Wrought iron twigs hold two glass tea light candle holders (candles/tea lights not provided)
makeascenerentals Approximately 12" wide x 10" tall
makeascenerentals See coordinating "Tree - Centerpiece with Tea Lights"
Rental: $ 12.00
Centerpiece - Disco - set of 5
makeascenerentals Fun pieces for your disco/70s party
makeascenerentals Assorted colors and heights of glittered stands with small disco ball
makeascenerentals Price is for set of 5. Choose your favorite color or mix and match
Rental: $ 22.00
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Tree - Centerpiece with Tea Light
makeascenerentals 36" tall
makeascenerentals Dark brown wrought iron with clear beads at tips of branches
makeascenerentals Glass cups for holding 5 tea lights (candles/tea lights not provided)
Rental: $ 20.00
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Pedestal Plate with Glass Cloche
makeascenerentals 10" diameter
makeascenerentals 8" tall w/o glass, 24" tall with glass
makeascenerentals Distressed black wrought iron, distressed silver, antiqued ivory (varies)
Rental: $ 18.00
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Vase - Metal - Set of Three
makeascenerentals 9" to 12" tall
makeascenerentals Galvanized Zinc
Rental: $ 12.00
Pedestal Plate - Round Base
makeascenerentals 8" high x 8" wide
makeascenerentals Putty-color cast iron
makeascenerentals Shown center
Rental: $ 6.00
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Giant Tea Cup Centerpiece
makeascenerentals Four giant tea cups stack to make a whimsical tea party centerpiece
makeascenerentals Approximately 42" tall and 22" wide
makeascenerentals Looks great overflowing with fresh flowers!
Rental: $ 45.00
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