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What is Make a Scene?
Make a Scene is a rental company that specializes in displays, props, party décor and hard-to-find items. You can browse the prop gallery online to find exactly what you’re looking for or talk with one of our scene makers for ideas and inspiration. Whether you just need one or two items or need help dressing up your entire party, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.
Where do you get your items?
Our extensive collection is combined of items that are purchased, vintage and/or custom-built. Many of the items you’ll see are one of a kind, hand-crafted pieces that you can only get at Make a Scene. If you have an item that is perfect for our gallery, please contact us!
Why rent?
Make a Scene items are priced for rent at just a fraction of the purchase price that you may find on similar items; when you rent, you’ll get more “bang for your buck”. In addition, many of Make a Scene’s items are one of a kind, custom-made pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Lastly, who needs to fill their storage space with props that you’ll only use once? Choose a different theme for each party and Make a Scene each and every time!
Do you set up the items at my party?
Rentals rates shown are for items only. All items are “user friendly” and come with complete instructions. Set-up assistance can be provided but must be arranged at time of order. Hourly set up fees apply and time needed is based on the specific items in the order. A minimum of two hours is required when ordering set-up service.
Do I pick up the items or do you deliver?
Listed rental prices are for pick up/drop off at the Make a Scene warehouse (see "contact us" page for address and map). Delivery is also available; rates are based on specific delivery location and are based on “door-to-door” service (loading dock, door or curbside that is easily accessible for delivery truck). Additional charges may apply for stairs or hard to access areas. Delivery fee will be calculated based on round trip mileage, please ask your salesperson for a delivery fee quote.
Do you have tables, chairs and other items for my party?
Make a Scene specializes in décor items that cannot be found at other party rental stores. For tables, chairs, linens, tents and other party needs, please see our list of Recommend Resources for your additional party needs.
Do you offer weekly or monthly discounts?
Yes! Many clients need rental props for extended periods of time (theatre productions, retail displays, etc). Please inquire about extended rental discounts.
Are you participating in any UPCOMING EVENTS?
Yes, please visit us at Weddings in Woodinville at Woodhouse Wine Estates on Sunday, 1/31/16. More info at
Why use a theme for my party?
Adding a theme to your event adds interest and coherence for your attendees. The more involved people become in the event they are attending, the more likely they are to enjoy themselves and remember the experience. Themed props, decor and costumes will leave your guests talking about your party long after it is over.
Are you on Facebook?
Of course! Search Facebook for "Make a Scene - Theme party decor and prop rentals" and you'll find us. It's a great place to find the latest happenings, new event photos and product videos.
I want to rent, now what do I do?
You can either send an email or talk with one of our sales staff let us know what items you'd like to rent. You will then receive a RENTAL AGREEMENT with an itemized list of items, quantities, pricing, event dates and other charges (delivery, set-up, etc. if applicable). You will also receive a credit card authorization form for payment/deposit. Once both of these documents are completed and returned, you are confirmed.
What forms of payment do you except?
Unless otherwise stated on your rental agreement, a 50% deposit is due to confirm your order with the balance due upon delivery. All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and corporate checks are accepted. Personal checks are accepted if received 14 days prior to event for full payment (a credit card authorization form must be submitted for security but will not be charged upon return of your rental items)
I am out of state, can you ship items to me?
Due to the oversize and fragile nature of many of our items, Make a Scene rents locally only (Greater Puget Sound area)
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