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Suitcase - Mid century
makeascenerentals Price is PER suitcase starting at $10 ranging to $16 (depending on size)
makeascenerentals Assorted mid century suitcases from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s
Rental: $ 10.00
Barrel - toxic waste
makeascenerentals 55 gallon metal drum
makeascenerentals Choose from "RADIOACTIVE", "CAUTION" or "BIOHAZARD"
makeascenerentals Available with or without lid
Rental: $ 35.00
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Mask - Giant
makeascenerentals 4' wide, giant Mardi Gras mask (photo shows 2 masks, price is per mask)
makeascenerentals Classic green/gold/purple glitter with feather accents
makeascenerentals Lightweight for easy hanging
Rental: $ 50.00
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Tea Party dishes - decor only
makeascenerentals Assorted colorful and vintage tea cups, saucers, creamers and tea pots for your tea party table
makeascenerentals Items are not food safe, for decor purposes only
makeascenerentals Price is per dozen assorted pieces
Rental: $ 40.00
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Gate - wrought iron
makeascenerentals 48" wide x 49" tall including support columns (33" wide, gate only)
makeascenerentals Fixed gate, does not swing, decor only
Rental: $ 45.00
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Door - vintage
makeascenerentals Assorted vintage doors
makeascenerentals Free-standing, decor only (not on hinge for swinging)
Rental: $ 30.00
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Cart - food vendors
makeascenerentals Fun imitation of the urban classic with stainless steel top and bicycle tires
makeascenerentals Shown here will "Philly Cheesecake" banner, custom banners available upon request
makeascenerentals 59" wide x 30" wide x 38" tall. Includes umbrella (not attached)
Rental: $ 125.00
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Standee - art deco
makeascenerentals 4' wide x 8' tall art deco pieces
makeascenerentals Great for photo backdrop or entrance at your roaring 20s party
makeascenerentals Free - standing, price is per piece (2 available)
Rental: $ 200.00
Mirror - Floor standing
makeascenerentals Oval mirror on swivel wrought iron frame allows for full length viewing at any level
makeascenerentals Black, wrought iron with slight gold distressing
makeascenerentals 60.5" high x 27" wide x 19" deep
Rental: $ 40.00
Table - plain, dark wood side table
makeascenerentals 21" x 21" square top x 17.5" tall
makeascenerentals Simple dark wood side/end table
makeascenerentals Great for simple stage setting
Rental: $ 7.00
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