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Sign - Bamboo
makeascenerentals 38" x 28" sign can be hung on wall, set on easel or mounted on top of tiki bar (rented separately)
makeascenerentals Double sided - bright bamboo on one side, rustic burlap on the other
makeascenerentals Custom lettering priced separately, bamboo and other letters available
Rental: $ 12.00
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Sign - Game Show
makeascenerentals 12' wide x 3' tall
makeascenerentals Red and blue glittered surface, silver glittered letters with lighted perimeter (requires standard grounded outlet)
makeascenerentals Lettering can be customized to your specifications (additional charges apply)
Rental: $ 200.00
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Sign post - hiking
makeascenerentals 7' tall, free-standing cedar sign post
makeascenerentals Existing directional signs say "Trail Head", "Summit" and "Lookout"
makeascenerentals Custom directional signs can be added to fit your event $8 each
Rental: $ 35.00
Chalkboard - A frame
makeascenerentals 20" wide x 40" tall (writing surface = 17" x 29")
makeascenerentals Classic blackboard finish with dark cherry wood frame
Rental: $ 24.00
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Sign - lighted MIDWAY
makeascenerentals Fun and sparkly, just what every MIDWAY needs!
makeascenerentals 8' wide x 18" tall. Red, turquoise and gold glitter with clear lights
makeascenerentals Requires standard grounded outlet
Rental: $ 150.00
Sign - midway
makeascenerentals Bright carnival colors lead the way to your MIDWAY!
makeascenerentals 4' long x 13" tall
makeascenerentals Shown in photo with finger sign on post (rented separately)
Rental: $ 25.00
Sign - pointing finger
makeascenerentals Classic directional sign mounted on 8' post (free-standing)
makeascenerentals Use alone or attach your choice of sign below to direct your crowd
makeascenerentals Shown in photo with "Midway" sign (rented separately)
Rental: $ 50.00
Sign - carnival directional
makeascenerentals 8' tall in fun circus colors
makeascenerentals Holds up to 10 sign plaques
makeascenerentals Price is sign post ONLY, Custom signs available $12 each
Rental: $ 45.00
Frame - Ornate silver
makeascenerentals Beautifully ornate silver frame awaits your custom sign or image
Rental: $ 12.00
Sign - Custom numbers and letters
makeascenerentals Endless possibilities, letters, numbers, colors!
makeascenerentals 36" tall, lightweight and ready to hang
makeascenerentals Price is per digit/letter
Rental: $ 22.00
Sign - Superhero
makeascenerentals Lightweight "S" sign, easy to hang or display on easel
makeascenerentals 32" across x 24" high
makeascenerentals Red, yellow and blue glitter on styrofoam
Rental: $ 30.00
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Wanted Poster - Custom
makeascenerentals The perfect addition to make your western town. Price shown is purchase price so it's a great souvenir for your guest-of-honor.
makeascenerentals Requirements are simple, just send a .JPG of your favorite outlaw to Make a Scene prior to your event and leave the rest to us. Finished size 8.5" x 14"
makeascenerentals Reads "WANTED Dead or Alive, Reward $1000"
Rental: $ 15.00
Sign Post - Western
makeascenerentals 6.5' tall x 4" x 4", rustic, weathered wood
makeascenerentals Great for your western scene - "Death Valley", "Dodge City" and "Santa Fe Trail" signs included
makeascenerentals Custom signs available ($5 each), name a town or trail after yourself!
Rental: $ 35.00
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Sign - Saloon
makeascenerentals 7" tall sign post, free-standing
makeascenerentals 36" wide, hand-painted sign with weather look
makeascenerentals Pairs great with vintage liquor bottles (rented separately)
Rental: $ 30.00
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Sign - Disco
makeascenerentals The famous club that made disco famous. Perfect for your 70's event
makeascenerentals 36" wide x 24" high, hangs easily
makeascenerentals Accent lighting is battery operated, no outlet required
Rental: $ 25.00
Sign - Santa's Workshop
makeascenerentals Red glitter frame, prefect for holidays or may other glam events
makeascenerentals INCLUDES - Custom sign insert which can include lettering, logos, photos, etc.
makeascenerentals Outer frame edge measures 32" high x 24" wide; opening measures 20" high x 15" wide
Rental: $ 30.00
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Sign - Boom Boom Room
makeascenerentals This was created to hang from the entryway of a Paris-themed burlesque show.
makeascenerentals Can be re-created with custom colors for panel and lettering and custom accents at corners (shown here as roses)
makeascenerentals 48" wide x 12" high
Rental: $ Price varies
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Sign - lighted - glitter blue
makeascenerentals 3' x 4' with blue glitter surface
makeascenerentals Perimeter lights to match your theme
makeascenerentals Custom lettering, the sky's the limit!
Rental: $ 75.00
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