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Fence - Cedar
makeascenerentals 3' tall x 5' long
makeascenerentals Natural cedar construction
makeascenerentals Indoor/outoor display
Rental: $ 20.00
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Barrel - tabletop
makeascenerentals 12" diameter x 19" tall
makeascenerentals Natural pine construction
Rental: $ 15.00
Chain with Lock
makeascenerentals 4" lock with two 4' lengths of chain
makeascenerentals Faux metal finished painted foam
makeascenerentals Display only, lock not funtional
Rental: $ 8.00
Bar - Western
makeascenerentals Rustic cedar bar for your Western event
makeascenerentals 5' wide x 43" tall x 18" deep
makeascenerentals Open in back with one shelf
Rental: $ 75.00
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Barrel - large
makeascenerentals Authentic oak wine barrel
makeascenerentals 36" length x 24" diameter at end
makeascenerentals Great for wine or western theme, excellent "cocktail" table when stood on end
Rental: $ 45.00
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Sign Post - Western
makeascenerentals 6.5' tall x 4" x 4", rustic, weathered wood
makeascenerentals Great for your western scene - "Death Valley", "Dodge City" and "Santa Fe Trail" signs included
makeascenerentals Custom signs available ($5 each), name a town or trail after yourself!
Rental: $ 35.00
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Saloon Facade
makeascenerentals Create a true western saloon with this bar topper
makeascenerentals Fits over a standard 6' bar (please inquire about larger size)
makeascenerentals Includes "Saloon" sign or add a custom sign to fit your event (rented separately).
Rental: $ 175.00
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Lantern - Camp - Black
makeascenerentals Black metal and glass
makeascenerentals Authentic looking reproduction is retro-fitted to hold tea light candle (not included)
makeascenerentals Looks great hanging or tabletop
Rental: $ 7.00
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Backdrop - cedar wall
makeascenerentals 8' wide x 8' tall with cedar shake roof or corrugated tin roof
makeascenerentals Can be split into two 4' wide x 8' tall sections
makeascenerentals Free-standing
Rental: $ 250.00
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Barbed Wire - set of 3
makeascenerentals set of three at 6' long each for total of 18' long
makeascenerentals Realistic but safe
Rental: $ 12.00
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